canned fruit


Our canned fruit mostly suits the hotel and catering industry, large bakeries and the foodservice market. Tins can be stored at room temperature and there is no need for refrigerated transport.

Organic and canned? Why?

To some, cans sound hard to match with healthy and organic. However, cans will not go away. They allow for storage at room temperature, can be stored longer and serve quite well for some fruit preparations. Over the years, we have become well-known for our applesauce without added sugar and cherries in cans ­— with plenty of other options, too.

Easy for retail

Nature Favours can add labels with barcodes according to international GS1 standards, a feature which not every organic wholesaler will be able to provide.


  • Cans for the hotel and catering industry (canteens, retirement homes, …)
  • Pastry for bakeries (cherry pies, apple pastry, …)
  • Desserts
canned fruit


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    Large can

    5 L

    Medium can

    3 L

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