About Us

Efficiency, quality, teamwork — that’s what every other company will tell you. Here’s how we mean what we say.

New product development

We like to keep our eyes open to new trends. Cold-pressed juice? On it. Smoothie mixes in ready-to-use sachets? If that’s what you need. Concentrate blends? Sure, just mix them how you like. By following trends, we can offer solutions that you maybe did not even know about.


We stay in touch with our suppliers on a weekly basis. When crops threaten to turn out bad, we know. And then we act quickly. We book a plane, speak to additional suppliers and expand our network. That way, the offer never drops.

Real care

Looking for solutions is what keeps our job interesting. One day, a client asked us for fennel juice. Hmm, that did not seem to be around. So we found the right supplier and squeezed it for him. A baby food company needed their courgettes to remain under a strict nitrate limit. So we found just the right ones.
So please dare to ask.


Most traders will keep their suppliers secret at all costs. But sometimes, in a market like the baby food industry, you just want to know where it’s coming from. We’ll happily set up a meeting for you because honestly, there is nothing to hide. We have invested in a loyal network and like to keep the trust mutual.

Our team

Nature Favours is the former B2B division of Pajottenlander. Jan Verbeke has been running this division for five years and has launched this new independent company in November 2017.

Business development
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Quality assurance
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Logistics & order administration
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General information & administration
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The way we work



We continuously stay in touch with our suppliers, from India to Turkey, to procure the finest organic product.



We make sure you’ll get the right certificate for the product and provide extra analyses where it’s needed (like baby food).


Storage and transport

Because our storage is centralised, clients can order according to their needs.

Contact us

For any product offer or additional question, don’t hesitate and ask.

or call +32 (0)54 26 98 98