Juice (NFC)

All our fruit and vegetable juices are certified organic, not from concentrate (NFC), highly nutritional and fit for use in the beverage industry. We supply in both tank truck or aseptic drums.

Fruit Juice

Over the years, we’ve expanded our range to include not only your basic apples and pears but harder-to-find buckthorn, ginger and lime as well. You won’t find these everywhere.

Vegetable Juice

We offer both lacto-fermented and acidified vegetable juice. Lacto-fermentation is a simple preservation process that works by adding bacteria to the juice. Acidification means that we add lemon juice or concentrate. The choice is yours!


All our fruit and vegetable juices are pasteurized, unless if you ask otherwise. For cold-pressed juice, you need the purest fruit or vegetable that has to be immediately pressed and frozen, to keep microbiology at ease. It’ still not an easy process, but we have some experience already. Take note that you’ll need a crusher for further processing.


For some applications, it’s easier to order juice in frozen pellets. Details in the “frozen” section of the menu.


  • Beverage industry (fruit juice, lemonades, cocktails, kombucha, beer,…)
  • Sorbet
  • Ice cream
  • Baby food (with additional analysis)
old fruit press


The list below is kept up-to-date on a regular basis. Need something else? Just ask!

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    Tank truck

    25.000 L in bulk
    compartmentalisation is optional


    +/- 200 L

    Bag-in-box (BIB)

    +/- 20 KG

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