Organic fruit and vegetable concentrates come in drums or smaller cans. We make blends according to your recipe or we think along and develop a tailor-made mix that’s just right for you.

More than just juice

Fruit concentrate gives taste to dairy products or serves as the basis for fruit juice, especially to make long-distance transport less costly. But there is more. Concentrate can also be your healthy alternative to sugar or artificial sweeteners, or a natural way to colour your product.

Lacto-fermented or acidified

Vegetable concentrate comes lacto-fermented or acidified with lemon juice or concentrate. Both have their advantages, ask us for advice.


Want a unique blend of apple concentrate with mango puree? No problem, we can make it happen. Nature Favours’ range is wide enough to allow for new combinations. Talk to us to find out more, also about the minimum batch.


  • Dairy products and non-dairy yoghurts and desserts
  • Apple and white grape concentrates as healthy sweeteners
  • Base material for single strength juices or fruit waters
  • Lemon juice concentrate as acidity regulator
  • Some concentrates as a natural colouring agent (red beet, purple carrot…)


The list below is kept up-to-date on a regular basis. Need something else? Just ask!

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    +/- 200 L

    Jerry cans

    5 to 25 KG

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